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While Rick Rock, Droop-E, and EA-Ski are often cited as the Bay Area's premier slap-nicians, Traxamillion's dope-ass album suggests that the San Jose-based producer is just as responsible. Trax has the basic slap formula down, but what makes his knocks so habit-forming is his use of keyboards to create a melodic, hypnotic counterrhythm, as on Keak Da Sneak's "Super Hyphie." That track doesn't appear on Slapp Addict, but Keak's new song "On Citas," does, in addition to now-familiar anthems like the Team's "Just Go" and Dem Hoodstarz' "Grown Man Remix," plus several newer tunes. Of those, Too $hort & Mistah F.A.B.'s "Sideshow" has generated the most street buzz, but F.A.B.'s "Yellow Bus" and Balance's "We Like the Slapps" (which updates L'Trimm's "Cars That Go Boom") are just as fresh. Trax's skills are well evident in the album's consistent bumpability; his versatility allows him to craft a pimp-worthy slap, bust an above-average rhyme, and elevate what might be an otherwise mediocre song like the Pack's "Club Stuntin" to the height of hyphydom.

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Eric K. Arnold