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Tree/soundz Releases a New Video

treesoundz band image.jpg                                                  from the band's myspace

Treesoundz is a band that could make millions of dollars. I found them on the Internet while I was lurking around for a blog post. I'm a freelancer; I get paid by the piece, like selling crack rock on commission. They need to quit editing my words though, let a cracker speak his mind and shit.

Anyways, Treesoundz: They look like they fell out of a Starbucks commercial, and their song was the soundtrack. Does Starbucks even have commercials? I don't own a TV. Either way, Treesoundz just dropped a video, which is tight work:

Tree/soundz "Sweetest Secret" Music Video from yoshfoods on Vimeo.

This short movie is directed by Louis Bolivar using a Nikon d90. I give credit where it's due and dude seems to be a bad mothafucker with the movie shit.

Tree/soundz has a Rachel Goodrich - meets - Raffa and Rainer - meets a computer thing going, and if the members treat it like a job, they could see a good pay day.

-- Jacob Katel

P.S. holler at me. I'll write about anybody local who does anything music-related. The more posts I post, the more money I make. I can't even believe they pay me to do this shit. I love America.

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Jacob Katel

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