Tri-County Beatdown at Club Atrium's Fourth of July Fight Night

First rule of Club Atrium's Fight Night?


We don't have an answer. If we had to guess, we'd say the rules break down something like this:

1. Pop it.

2. Pop her in the face.

3. Anything else, goes.

Tonight, Club Atrium, the same Fort Lauderdale hot spot that's brought performances by 2Chainz, Future, and Gucci Mane (though there's a chance you might've missed the memo), will host its Fourth of July Fight Night. It's a ticketed event ($20 for regular admission, $40 for VIP skybox seats) featuring four girl-on-girl fights and two male fights, and from the looks of the promotional materials, shit's about to get cray in the 954.

Check out the production on these two trailer vids for the event. We don't know about you, but it makes us wanna put on our star-spangled spandex and fuchsia lipstick and bask in the sweaty adrenaline that's bound to get pumping as soon as the officiator rings the first bell.

In this video -- the tamer of the two put out by promoters Black Ice Entertainment to hype the event -- we get a basic intro on what to expect tonight: Booties wrapped up in red, white, and blue; hard-bodied hunnies from the tri-county area ripped and ready to beat each other for big cash prizes; a couple male fights to take the whole thing to the next level; and music by DJ Fade.

In this next video, we get a chance to get inside the heads some of the female fighters, to find out what's motivating them and what they've been doing to prepare for the event. We learn why Lil Hailie has beef with Goddess ("She talks too much shit"). She also warns: "I will spit on you. That's just me."

Meanwhile, Goddess, whose rep as a fighter precedes here, doesn't seem phased. "Im'a put an ass-whoopin on that ass, boy," she tells the camera, giving a swaggish shoulder shrug.

Sanctioned by Global Fighting Solutions, we can most likely count on a fair fight, but that doesn't mean it's going to be clean. In the words of Lil Hailie, this Fourth of July, "It's goin' down."

Fight Night, Fourth of July, Club Atrium, 2520 Miami Road, Fort Lauderdale.

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