Tributes Roll In for Gregory Isaacs, Departed Reggae Star

Tributes Roll In for Gregory Isaacs, Departed Reggae Star

Reggae singer Gregory Isaacs, best-known for his pure vocal strength on tracks like "Night Nurse," passed away on Monday in London at age 59 after a battle with cancer. Since then, a number of tributes and eulogies to the "Cool Ruler" have followed. The Jamaica Observer caught up with several promoters, broadcasters, and other associates for their thoughts. Lengthy, detailed tributes are also in the Telegraph, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Times, which reached his wife, who noted: "He was always dapper, very proud, very tidy, very laconic, a man of few words."

The FADER also collected several live videos detailing the man at the height of his powers. One of which, "Cool Down the Pace," is serenely lurking below. 

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