Trick Daddy Gets Roughed Up

Early this morning, the unofficial Mayor of Miami, Trick Daddy, was arrested at Tootsie’s Cabaret and charged with disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest. Knowing that Trick loves the strip clubs just about as much as he loves the kids, it’s no surprise that his latest scuffle took place at one of Miami's finest booty-shaking oasis'.

While details are still forthcoming, sources say that a brawl broke out inside of the nightclub, but there's been no word yet on who won the fight or what started it. All we know is that T Double D was escorted from the scene on a stretcher wearing multiple scratches and the all-too familiar “drunk mask” on his face. Damn. Read more on the story and watch the video here. If you know anything else about this story, chime in and let us know what's really hood.--Raina McLeod


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