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Trick Daddy to Lil Wayne at Mack Maine's King of Diamonds Birthday Booby Bash: "GTFO!"

Back in 1999, a still-babyfaced Lil Wayne declared on his debut album that "Tha Block" was "hot." We have a feeling young Weezy had no idea that circa 2013, the block would be damned near boiling!

In fact, Wayne's water has never been warmer, and the skies around the Cash Money Young Money castle compound have never been grayer. 

The beef started brewing back in February, when the rapper got into a heated staring match with a heckling fan at a Miami Heat basketball game. Birdman Junior then proceeded to insult the Heat's Big Three and took a bonus shot implying he had gotten freaky with Mrs. Chris Bosh. 

Well, Wayne didn't just piss off the Heat, Pitbull, and the entirety of Miami-Dade County while accruing enough bad karma to finally OD on cough syrup. No, CMYM's flagship artist is now formally at war with our sprawling municipalities' mayor. 

And we're not talking about that Sylvester Jabrone of a public official, Carlos Gimenez. 

Of course, we're talking about Slip-N-Slide Records' original pride-n-joy, Maurice Young, known to you and your punk-ass friends as Trick Daddy Dollars.

When Pitbull remixed Bauer's "The Harlem Shake" into a jingoistic regional call to arms, he laid out the "moral" of the story -- the story being Wayne's shocking disregard for the local heroes of the town that accepted him as a transplant turned pseudo-local -- is that even when you're a zillionaire rapper addicted to codeine, you still should never shit where you eat.

You know what happens if you do? Let's turn to Exhibit A, which happens to be our only exhibit.

VLADTV reports that last night, Lil Wayne and the extended Cash Money family were celebrating Mack Maine's Birthday Party at the CMYM hot spot and Costco-sized, strip-club strip-mall megaplex King of Diamonds.

All of a sudden, Trick Daddy was on the scene. And for any KOD patrons who were also regular listeners of 99 Jamz (we imagine there were a few) and heard Tricky's recent rant about Weezy's smack talk, the sight of Slip-N-Slide Records' pride and joy was a sure-fire sign that shit was 'bout to go down.

The 305's mayor beelined to Weezy, threw a cigarette in his heavily inked face, and then proceeded to give off enough bad vibes that Wayne had to be escorted out of the building.

Down here, that's what we call "taking it to the house."

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