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Tron as Fuck = Free as Fuck, Next Tuesday, May 26, at the Original Fat Cats

Tron as Fuck

I was looking more closely at this Tron

as Fuck event that is going down at the original Fat Cats next week.

It's the third in a series that apparently goes down the last Tuesday

of every month and it looks like a pleasant cluster fuck of colliding

styles and sensibilities. First off, it is one of the only things

going on now, outside of Juan Basshead's shit, that is actually

bringing Dubstep and Grime to the sunshine state, see DJ Phanatik and

Zehl Freebase. B, it's essentially an underground party that has

damn good dj's that often ply their trade in venues that don't

exactly allow for extreme turntabilism and expression, i.e. DJ

Trippin at Playwright's on the beach. I've seen a set of his there

and he slayed it Miami Beach party style. Seeing this guy at this

kind of party will give everyone a chance to hear him really go for

it in the way he prefers for himself. Three, you have some really

nice hip-hop in the form of Broward County's Leftoverz. Additionally, although I don't

really know who Zoo Lauderdale is, some dude from them called

SUBWOLF is playing. Their myspace doesn't have original tracks but

it has a big thing about the 808 and a bunch of old school SoFl shit

and top friends to let us know that they know their history. This

shit is free as fuck, and I, for one, will be there.

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Dominic Sirianni