Tryst Brings Valentine's to Green Room Early with Nakota

Green Room will be painting itself red this Saturday in honor of the lovers' holiday Valentine's Day. Why wait for the actual day? You can't sleep in all hungover and tired from making l-o-v-e on Wednesday.  

With Tryst, the club will be filled with music, art, and fashion, perfect for both the lonelies and the committed. There will be both dark and light elements to the affair, letting those without partners feel free to hate the 14th or for lovers to embrace a day made for them.

Complementing resident DJs Mig and Andie Sweetswirl spinning indie and electro fare will be electronic musical artist Nakota. Backed by Further Seems Forever's drummer Steven Kleisath and Jake Brown of 238 and Moments in Grace, this Brooklyn-based, Jacksonville native will introduce Fort Lauderdale to his music.

Kleisath says they recently performed at Art Heart in Pompano and when Nakota, AKA David Stone, asked them to play alongside him, Kleisath couldn't say no. "We like his music. It's pretty out of the box. We've enjoyed collaborating with him to help him create his vision musically." 

The drummer continued, "I think his style of music would be received well by what's going on in the Miami music scene with Ultra music coming up." He describes it as "along the lines that Bjork would do." It's electronic music with instrumentals, yet it's pop enough that you can sing along. They may even be accompanied by a cellist. 

The live music will be followed up with a fashion show produced by the Mendy House with clothing from Jewelz Couture and hair by Diana Feathers Divine. Cupid's even going to be hanging out to take pics in a photo booth with lovers. And, again, if you're lonely, a game of truth or dare might just get you laid.

Featured artists include Melissa Humphrey, Santo Martin, Josefat Miranda, Tracy Mendy, Tracey Ahrendt, Misha Grosvenor, and Renda Hitz. Admission is free. If you don a red item you get one free drink before midnight. Party starts at 9 p.m. at the Green Room (100 Nugent Ave., Fort Lauderdale). For the drunks, $2 PBR and $5 craft beers will be served, and there will be an open vodka bar from 9 to 11 p.m. if you email RSVP to

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