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Tuesday Morning Music Fix: OutKast, the Kills, Animal Collective, J Dilla and more


My Grammys Weigh a Ton

Outkast has been keeping 10 the Hard Way (most likely dropping in 2009 now, according to this) and next year’s solo effort from Big Boi on the down low. While you’re waiting for info, here’s something new from the duo courtesy of Spine Magazine. “Da Art of Storytellin’ Part 4” feature’s Floetry’s Marsha Ambrosius and will appear on DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz: The Album, out next week.

DJ Drama (feat. Outkast and Marsha Ambrosius): “Da Art of Storytellin’ Part 4” MP3

Animal Instincts

Photo by Adriano Fegundes

Last week, Gorilla vs. Bear posted a few new songs from Animal Collective’s recent performance on BBC Radio 1. Here’s what David Portner (aka Avey Tare) had to say via the Collected Animals message board.

I’d say this session was definitely a way of getting From a Beach down to see what it would be like recorded or what a new song would be like recorded. To us it has been the weakest of our new songs, which is why we stopped playing it live but that had more to do with the sounds and how they interacted on stage then it did with the nature of the song itself. It was just too hard for us to play. We thought in the studio it would be easier for us to get it in good place without having to worry about the "on the spot nature" of playing it live. That doesn’t mean it will or will not end up on the album we just thought it would be a nice addition to the session since we like people to hear new things from us and its more fun than recording something we've been playing forever. I guess the same goes for On a Highway which is really more like a rough sketch since that is the first take and first time we ever played it together but we were all psyched on it. Everything happens for a reason. The new EP has songs on it that in retrospect could have been on SJ since that is when they were recorded but they just weren’t ready then. I guess it makes sense though since they all seem to fit really well on the EP. Can’t really say what is going to happen when we record at this point. D

Animal Collective: “Doggy/Hey Light” MP3

Animal Collective: “From a Beach” MP3

Animal Collective: “On a Highway” MP3

West Wing


Given Murs’ propensity for keeping a party going, coupled with the fact that his name is an acronym for “Making Underground Raw Shit,” he won't be sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office anytime soon. Still, the L.A. rapper is planning Murs for President in 2008. Sort of a step down considering one of his earlier releases was titled Murs Rules the World. Stream the first single, “Better Than the Best” at Murs’ site, and grab a couple more tracks to go, including his and Z-Trip’s corny take on the Purple One’s 1986 hit (a highly recommended guilty pleasure).

Murs: “Dreadlocks” MP3 from Murs for President

Z-Trip and Murs: “Kiss Remix” MP3 exclusive track from

Fever to Tell

Earlier this month, the Kills announced the completion of LP3. The London duo hasn’t come up with a name or release date yet, but you can stream the first single, “U. R. A. Fever” at their MySpace. Also, check out the band’s Web site for a few downloadable remixes from sophomore album, No Wow.

Boogie Down Production

Sometime tomorrow, Cleveland DJ, producer and mixtape master Mick Boogie will be posting Dillagence, a collection of unreleased material from Busta Rhymes and the late J Dilla. Grab it for free at Boogie’s site.


Another free mixtape worth a right-click is The Mixtape: Volume 2 from the Chicago mashup maestros, the Hood Internet, who don’t hesitate to plug themselves as “certified Internet platinum.” Get it here.

The List


Why?, The Hollows (limited 12”) (Anticon)


Aloha, Lightworks (Polyvinyl)

Daft Punk, Alive 2007 (Virgin)

Ghostface, The Big Dough Rehab (Def Jam)


Wu-Tang Clan, The 8 Diagrams (Universal)


Lupe Fiasco, The Cool (Atlantic)

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