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Tuff Luck Movie "Shows the World What Could Have Been" of the Fort Lauderdale '80s Rockers

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Although Andrew was never an official member of the band, where ever Tuff Luck went, he followed.

"Because my brother was the drummer and we were very close -- Dave was my lifelong best friend and Kenny my roommate -- they always brought me everywhere with them," he recalls. "They always let me tag along."

"Andy was with us every step of the way," Monroe interrupts. "I think people were much friendlier as far as band camaraderie."

That may have been the case, but their desire to make original music and the fact that South Florida's rock scene was practically nonexistent at the time had a lot to do with their success.

"Kenny was really good at promoting the band and convincing clubs that we could do an original set," Scott adds. "It wasn't being done at the time. He also convinced them to do all ages shows, and that was huge for us because it was our fan base."

"[The now defunct] Button South was our stomping ground," Monroe proudly states. "That's where we shot off the cannon every night. We were the closest thing to Van Halen, Mötley Crüe, or Ozzy Osbourne these kids had. It was like a bad car crash when they [Tuff Luck] played, and I was the mouthpiece for the band.

"What was so special, our music, it was free and open. When you went down, it was like a monster truck show meets shark wrestling."

But as great and talented as Tuff Luck was, the band never "made it" mainstream, per se. "I thought the band had the ability to be as big as Mötley Crüe," Scott interjects. "Till this day, I'm not exactly sure why this didn't happen."

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