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Tuff Luvs

I'm not sure when it was that them compact disc doohickeys became the rage, but I do joyously remember when punk rock bands released kick-ass seven-inch vinyl records. South Florida at one point was a hub of seven-inch activity, with now sadly defunct record labels like Mike Borras' Smooth Lips Records and Chris Lelucas' Starcrunch Records. It's in that fine tradition that New Art School Records follows up its debut release (DNME's full-length, Last of a Dying Breed) with Jackson, Mississippi,'s garage punkers the Tuff Luvs.

This sizzling red slab of delicious wax features four scorching redneck garage numbers. Side A opens with dirty guitar feedback before planting the four-on-the-floor rhythm of the title track, "Heartburn." The five-piece doesn't dilly-dally on this two-minute sing-along, flinging dirty riffage and female-inspired gastrointestinal discomfort. "Addicted to You" closes the five-minute side with more rock-oriented punk, slicked with Pabst Blue Ribbon vocals and more cymbal-ready percussion. Shit, do I love me some distortion!

The flip's one-two punch of "Black and Blue" and "Put It in Your Throat" is less subtle, with all the required distorted parts trebling the vocal assault of teenage violence marked in the former and the hello! innuendo of the latter. The disc reminds me of the Devil Dogs' Get on Your Knees seven-inch, though I feel a lot dirtier when the needle lifts from this one. Fans of classic region rockers the Bad Roads, the Oblivians, the Greenhornes, and/or Australia's Saints will feel right at home on these 45s. Dust off the turntable, put your beer down on one of them digital coasters, and turn the volume knob all the way up — this one's well worth your damned five bucks.

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Abel Folgar