Tweets From Last Night: Nouvelle Vague at the Manuel Artime Theater

via @loveonedove
​Over here at Crossfade, when we're home alone, chained to our computers and wasting away from lack of food, booze, and human company, we like to live vicariously through Twitter. (It's also good for checking when to actually pay attention to some long, boring crap like the Grammys.)

And so it was that while Nouvelle Vague was serenading Little Havana last night with its global-lounge versions of post-punk, we hit the tweet crack for the scoop. For just 140 characters a pop, we felt like we were really there. And we learned to be even more paranoid about leaving our cars near the Manuel Artime Theater. (Sorry, @GoEddy.)

Follow us on Twitter at @Crossfade_SFL and let's all procrastinate en masse. Here's a timeline of the evening, thanks to people we stalk follow. One particularly industrious tweeter even uploaded videos practically in real time (see below). From all us shut-ins last evening, thank you.

6 p.m.:

@RoBerTWEETo: http://twitvid.com/D94B4 At theater and look what I bumnped into. Checkout the marquee! Nouvelle Vague w/ Liset Alea

9 p.m.:

@lizawalton: Opening band for Nouvelle Vague is amazing! #RhythmFoundation @marciamartinez http://tweetphoto.com/11632477

@loveonedove: Nouvelle vague lead singers are so quirky & cute! I feel like I'm in the 60's. http://twitpic.com/13oul8

@kevinlcoster: At nouvelle vague! Great, small venue, but smells funny in here!

@Vfranco713: Nouvelle vague show in miami made me feel like home... Only time all the east village nyc peeps came out in FL lol yay

10 p.m.

@lizawalton: Ok. Nouvelle Vague's version of the Sex Pistols' "god Save the Queen" rocked!

@Giovanny: Nouvelle Vague "Just Can't Get Enough" http://twitvid.com/25218

@Giovanny: Nouvelle Vague "Love Will Tear Us Apart" http://twitvid.com/9F8D0


@mvigo: Nouvelle Vague concert was a lot of fun and oh so sexy

@daysleeperband: I uploaded a YouTube video -- nouvelle vague. Miami. 2.16.10 http://youtu.be/zMNAbQ9Qess?a

1 a.m.:

@BardotMiami: Nouvelle Vague is in Bardot Miami!!

@JsinJ: The dude from Nouvelle Vague is a dope dj. And the live show was fantastic. Much love to the Rhythm Foundation for that!

3 a.m.:

@BespiofBCB: NOW is when I hear of Nouvelle Vague After Party @BardotMiami? Well, there goes THAT

8 a.m.:

@GoEddy: So pissed off. Last night during the Nouvelle Vague show, my car was broken into and my stereo was jacked. #iwannabreakaface

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