Twerk Workout with Former Heat Dancer

The hashtag #twerk is picking up a lot of traction lately, and not just because Miley Cyrus is twerking the hell out of the web. As a self-proclaimed twerker, I was all ears, butt, thighs, and eyes when I first found out that there was a whole class devoted to this dance form.

Vixen workout is a dance class invented by Janet Jones, former Heat dancer and participant in Darrin's Dance Grooves. She has a series of hip-hop DVDs for at-home dance usage. Available at numerous Miami locations, it invites ladies to pop their booties, bend over, and show all of 'em what they're working with.

As a former Stetson University dancer and cheerleader (pom-poms and everything), I love movement, so, I decided to sign up for a Vixen workout on my birthday. Though Jones didn't teach the class I attended, the spirit of cheering was there. This is how it went.

My girls and I all arrived in the tiny dance studio filled wall-to-wall with mirrors and women clad in spandex and heels. Knowing it was my birthday, the instructor in a "Twerk" tank top invited me to the front and had me do booty pops to my age -- that's 23 in total. From there, we learned Vixen oriented moves, specifically involving the derriere and peppered with plenty of hair flips.

Then, it got dark and on went the strobe lights went. Um, we're at the club?

Hip-hop music with lyrics not suitable for your own mama blared from the speakers as we followed the instructor's moves. Although the choreography was simple enough for even the most inexperienced dancer, you damn well felt the burn. I'm talking about squatting in a booty popping position and feeling your inner thighs on fire. I'm talking about the fact that most were leaving, back and forth, to get water to calm the constant red flush in their faces. I'm talking about the floor that was slippery from everyone's sweat, booty juice, and God knows what else. The mirrors were so fogged up, your filthy written message would have lasted a week on them.

I blared Ace Hood's "Bugatti" all the way home and danced while driving. Yeah, it actually was that good.

Sign up for the Vixen workout here.

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