TWRK Will Help You Get Dirty at Mad Decent

Is it possible to create a musical group whose entire concept is based on the shaking of a girl’s ass? After a major release on Mad Decent Records, an extremely popular mixtape series, and a string of official remixes for artists like Jason Derulo, Wiz Khalifa, Diplo, Juvenile, and Diplo, it looks like in 2015, TWRK has shown it’s not just possible; it’s the recipe for success.

TWRK is the DJ/producer duo of NYC DJs Benzi and Esentrik that went from a fun side project making weird hip-hop-ish dance remixes into a worldwide touring phenomenon. Even though the “Twerk” is far from a new dance move, it hit pop culture when Miley Cyrus grinded all over Robin Thicke at the VMA’s. Benzi and Esentrik named their group TWRK and started putting out their first remixes, immediately capitalizing on an emerging trend.

The music itself is something of a mix between hip-hop and electro, the same tempo as hip-hop but with the build-ups and drops more familiar to electro-house or dubstep. It’s grimy, filthy, nasty, and in a club setting, it’s perfect. As the “low” part of our “low-brow” culture seems to descend further and further each year, TWRK has captured a huge audience by giving them what they want: an excuse to dance, to grind with their friends, to forget their problems and just get dirty.

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Adam Foster