Tyga Makes It Rain Ones at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale

Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale
Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Better than: Watching a below-average "swag" rapper.

After a few high-energy openers, the crowd's anticipation heightened after every song the DJ played before Tyga hit the stage. Cheers filled the room once the stage crew uncovered giant letters that lit up and spelled out his name with a pharaoh's head placed on the top. 

Wearing a red-and-gold vintage '90s Versace button-up and Versace sunglasses reminiscent of Biggie in "Hypnotize," the 22-year-old Young Money rapper made his presence known, proclaiming to the crowd, "Bitch, I'm the shit."

Fully aware of his big ego, "I'm So Raw" followed soon after his rendition of Future's street anthem "Tony Montana," aptly titled "Tyga Montana," as he spun and twisted back and forth on stage.

Not wanting to disappoint fans of his recently released second album, Careless World: Rise of the Last King, Tyga slowed the pace as he stood center stage, both hands on the mic stand, to perform "I'm Gone" for the first time.  

Feeling the need to dress more comfortably, Tyga asked for the crowd's patience as he changed out of his Versace shirt and into a black Last Kings tank top, with screams coming from the ladies in the crowd to prove their admiration for the rapper's ink-layered body.

Snapback hats were held in the sky by all the cool kids as the rapper, rocking his own, of course, performed "Snapbacks Back." This is the apparel version of "Tupac Back," minus Chris Brown from the mixtape Fan of a Fan.

If you thought lip-synching was only for Ashley Simpson and Britney Spears, then you're wrong. Brought out to the stage to perform her single "Too Pussy To" and her part of "Heisman," Honey Cocaine, Tyga's female artist, visibly mouthed the words while swaying back and forth. Holding the mic out to the audience for them to recite lines did not help her cause. It made it more apparent that her mic wasn't even turned on.

After Tyga continued the show with his verse on "The Motto" and "I'm Faded," a track describing many of the audiences' state of mind, the rapper dropped his popular single "Rack City" as singles, not "hun-eds, hun-eds," fell from the ceiling.

It wouldn't have been a complete night if the rapper hadn't performed his part of the Billboard Top 20 single "Deuces" and "Rack City" one more time for good measure.

Oh yeah, if you know someone attending a future Tyga show and wants an article of his clothing, make sure they're ready to do battle for it in the middle of the floor. It sure happened here.

Critic's Notebook

The crowd: A bunch of screaming girls wearing leopard-print clothing.

Wish list: Should've performed "Coconut Juice" just to see who knew the song.

Personal bias: Not the best, but not the worst show. 

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