Tyler The Creator Releases Wolf, Five Alternative Album Covers

Man, the Odd Future bubble popped with more propulsive force than the 2008 housing market.

It seems like these days, the only member of the once-controversial hip-hop troupe is R&B crooner, Frank Ocean.

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And why is that? Because everyone else in the band has been boring as hell. Ocean is a bisexual rich kid who sings about being both. What does the rest of Odd Future have to show for themselves?

Tyler The Creator recently revealed a trio of covers for his upcoming full-length, Wolf. And all three suck.

Here are five suggestions for cover art that would be at least 10,000 times better than the present craptacular selections.

5. Miley Cyrus

The former Disney tween princess turned hard partyin', promiscuous pop-tart recently teamed up with The Creator for a collaborative track. The relationship is mutually beneficial: Tyler gives Cyrus street cred, and Miley helps the Odd Future commando crossover to tweenagers usually afraid of black people. They both should have upped the ante and just slapped good ol' Hannah Montana on the cover of Wolf.

4. NASCAR Style Branding

Hey, didn't Odd Future invent Tumblr rap? These kids are the future of branding! So its surprising to us that Tyler and/or his handlers didn't think to exploit the potential advertising space.

3. Frank Ocean

Who the fuck is Odd Future? Oh wait, are those the guys that hang out with Frank Ocean? We love Frank Ocean? Did you see him at the Grammys? Chris Brown is such a prick! If Tyler wants to get on the fast track to relevancy again, he should exploit Ocean's fame by making the buying public think Wolf is the pomo R&B star's new record.

2. Steve Harvey

When the world still cared about Tyler and OF, one of the crew's primary battle-cries was the immortal, "Fuck Steve Harvey!" Maybe that bold political position was responsible for their fame. And, maybe, if they re-embrace their anti-Harvey values, their fans will re-embrace their music.

1. Cats

Much like sex, cats sell.

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Matt Preira