Ultra Music Festival

Ultra 2013: Top Ten (Almost) Naked Raver Girls

Photo by Victor Gonzalez

A check of the weather: Sunshine and a ten-percent chance of rain.

Which means we're rocking nothing but underpants and furry boots for weekend two of Ultra Music Festival, just like the "Top Ten (Almost) Naked Raver Bros" we met last week.

But girls just want to have fun too. And the ladies of UMF proved that they weren't shy at all about showing some skin while roaming Bayfront Park.

Check out the top ten (almost) naked Ultra raver girls after the cut.

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-Ultra 2013: Top Ten (Almost) Naked Raver Bros

Photo by George Martinez

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Photo by Victor Gonzalez

These girls know that a one-piece bathing suit offers very little room to secure your personal belongings and played it smart by accessorizing with sweet fanny packs.

Photo by Victor Gonzalez

If you're going to wear next-to-nothing, wear next-to-nothing with your homegirls. That's what friends are for, BBs.

Photo by Victor Gonzalez

America, fuck yeah!

Photo by Victor Gonzalez

Want to walk around topless but worried someone might recognize you? Trucker hats are a great disguise.

Photo by Victor Gonzalez

Bras that look like cupcakes > [fill in the blank]

Photo by Victor Gonzalez

Sweet sailor tattoo!

Photo by Victor Gonzalez

Y'all should've brought pockets. Hang on to those cell phones, girls!

Photo by Victor Gonzalez

Notice the water bottle? H2O does the body good.

Photo by Victor Gonzalez

Kisses from Ultra!

See y'all this weekend, beat freaks.

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Victor Gonzalez