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Ultra Music Festival

Ultra 2014's Ten Worst Moments

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Photo by George Martinez


Damn the Chainsmokers. Damn those pretty boys to Hell.

First of all, let's be real ... That "#Selfie" song is terrible. It's like listening to every Afrojack song ever while trying to avoid a conversation with some blabbering moron that won't shut up. We'd say it's this generation's "Valley Girl," but we have too much respect for Frank Zappa.

That being said, this poop machine has a great press team behind it, because every third person at Ultra bought the Kool-Aid and took it through an IV like saline. We saw "#Selfie" kandi necklaces and "Go Fuck Your Selfie" t-shirts at every turn. It was like everyone collectively decided to make the same lame joke and give up on originality, almost exactly in the way the Chainsmokers did when they put their name on this release.

After that deluge of underwhelming stimuli, we'll enjoy their steady descent back to obscurity in the coming years. Kat Bein

Photo by George Martinez

MGMT Almost Falling Asleep

Indie-electro rock group MGMT are scenester darlings. So why did it seem like they hated themselves so much during their Ultra set?

Sure, most people know them for the seminal album Oracular Spectacular, and that came out all the way back in 2007. But shouldn't they be happy to have had megahits at all? Cut Copy's biggest hits are even older, and they performed "Hearts on Fire" with all the gusto of a high-school kid on his first big break.

MGMT's lack of enthusiasm for their back catalog -- and hell, even their new material -- was painfully obvious. You won't win over new fans with an attitude like that. So did the crowd thin because they'd already played "Kids"? Or did the masses split because the group on the stage was hard to watch? Kat Bein

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