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Ultra Music Festival

Ultra 2014's Ten Worst Moments

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Photo by George Martinez

Ultra Selling Out

No, not "selling out" in the naive, vaguely anti-capitalist electronic dance music purist sense. We mean literally getting rid of all available Ultra Music Festival passes.

Now, a sold-out fest would seem like a good thing, right? Except that tickets for Ultra 2014 weren't all bought up until its second day while tix for recent years' editions were gone as early as two and a half months before the gates even opened.

There are a number of possible reasons for sluggish ticket sales. We think it's mostly price. But the cynics suggest "EDM is dead." S. Pajot

Which brings us to ...

Photo by George Martinez

Ultra 2013: Redux

The point of Winter Music Conference -- and consequently, Ultra Music Festival -- is to take the time to expose the scene to the new music, genres, artists and all other forms of musical merriment that'll shine through and set the standard for the rest of the calendar year.

Unfortunately, this year's festivities turned up practically nothing. Anything that was "new" sounded more like everything from the last three years. And more often than we'd ever have liked to admit, we heard songs that were already popular the last time around. It is definitely way too late to be playing 2 Chainz' "Birthday Song." Especially during musical March madness.

As far as UMF production was concerned, we were diggin' the new main stage look. But everything else, from the general layout to the spectacle of the Carl Cox mega structure, was pretty much exactly the same. It was like time-traveling back to the year before, but only for one weekend. We guess there's not much coming in 2014. Kat Bein

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