Unchain Your Maid at the Bubble's FreedomEXPOSED Exhibition This Saturday
Transmedia Adventures

Unchain Your Maid at the Bubble's FreedomEXPOSED Exhibition This Saturday

Hosted by Daniele Del Sordo and David Rameux of Transmedia Adventures, Fort Lauderdale's legendary art space the Bubble will open its doors, and possibly your third eyes, to a new art installation and live performance exhibition FreedomEXPOSED.

The installation seeks to raise awareness about human responsibility for the planet and each other and for the organization that spearheads that message, Korakor. The idea is that people get involved in things. 

According to the org: "The event is all about exposing our weaknesses on a social and personal level and becoming free from the restraints that we have figuratively put ourselves into." Deep. They want us to be aware of where our society is going, and telling us it's possible to start over. They don't want to sell you on their agenda, but let you choose for yourself how to think. "It's about setting yourself free and exposing the reality," they say. 

Like all events at the Bubble there will be vendors, complimentary drinks, and live music. The musical performances will be by Till The Sweep (formerly Adna), Bubble regular Brady Newbill, and Miami experimental musical legend Xela Zaid.

The art performance is designed to work like a Dickens at exposing human pollution past, present, and future. Our Bubble contact notes: 

It's an interactive journey and the general concept is about how we've ruined the planet it's taking us into the future and how we need to make changes in order to continue living here on earth. So it's a powerful message we're trying to send, however, it's being done in an interactive experience and all these different artists theres gonna be digital film done by the art institute are all being collaborated together with all these different artists in order to form the show.

To get the full effect, you should arrive on time for the pre-show at 7 p.m. Guests will then be led by a guide into each of the three performances and finally the grand finally. If you arrive after 8 p.m. you will miss the live performances, but you can still take in the art installations, the interactive videos set up by Korakor, and enjoy the photo booth.

FreedomEXPOSED at 7 p.m. on October 20 at The Bubble,810 NE Fourth Ave. Fort Lauderdale. Admission is $10 at the door. Call 954-562-3804 or visit their Facebook page.

Here's a video of the art installation being constructed:


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