Unit 1's Unclad and Rad Show Has "Clothing Optional Room and Naked Karaoke"

"You're really looking for trouble this time," we told Unit 1's proprietor/evil genius Jacques de Beaufort when we heard about this weekend's show.

"Yes, we are," he agreed enthusiastically. "That's what we do."

"You could end up with someone calling the cops," we said.

He laughed. "That would be the perfect touch, wouldn't it?"

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We don't actually expect it will come to that, but then again, with an exhibit called "Unclad and Rad" including "a clothing optional room and naked karaoke" and in which "nudity, partial nudity, and any other displays of the human form will be encouraged but certainly not required," who knows?

The latest in Unit 1's ongoing series of art/music party combos, Unclad and Rad is curated by Rebecca May, who says she "grew up in a small town outside Pittsburgh where there was nothing to do except paint." A Floridian since 1999, she's continued to "just pick up the paint brush and roll with it" and started curating "to stay close to the arts community."

For almost four years, May's overseen the exhibits that have become a fixture at West Palm Beach retro palace Howley's Diner. The Unit 1 venue is a chance to "push the envelope with work that's a little more daring," she said, "work that celebrates the human body."

The evening's music comes courtesy of postpunk Americana act Shotgun Betty, old school-style power trio Casey Hopkins Powertrip, and solo accordionist (!) Kyle Smile -- "to greet the guests at the front door," according to May.

Guests are also invited to join in the naked karaoke, to compete for prizes, some of which are sex toys, appropriately enough.

Early this week on his Facebook page, de Beaufort, who teaches art at Palm Beach State College, wrote:

This week as a College Professor I have:

1. Compared myself to a stripper while discussing the nature of pedagogy.

2. Eloquently outlined a fairly comprehensive taxonomy of the Mannerist painters of Florence and their relationship/involvement with the Venetian School.

3. Asked a student if kids were vaping crack yet.

4. Talked for almost 4 hours straight (2 classes back to back) on various subjects up to and including the pathological narcissism of contemporary cultural via Kanye West and the origins of the artistic temperament via Giorgio Vasari, the sham ponzi scheme that IS contemporary art education, and several anecdotes about my youth including recollections of my crazy grandfather and his love for foxes and why I didn't have my 2 front teeth for most of my childhood.

5. Almost canceled class to go look for coyote cubs on the far edge of campus.

6. It's only Tuesday.

"Unclad and Rad" seems like the perfect way to end the week.

Unclad and Rad: All Art No Pants. An exhibition curated by Rebecca May. Unit 1,

1202 Lucerne Ave., Lake Worth, Friday, March 21, 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. Musical performances from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

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