Unreleased Smiths Documentary Added to Rhino Records Boxed Set

In a previous article, we covered a taste of the sour sentiment from fans regarding the release of Rhino Records' comprehensive Smiths boxed set. In a thread from Rhino's official Facebook page, a few irate commenters aired their grievances,  harsh criticism of the set's £249.99 price tag. Fans have continued to display their dissatisfaction.

As recent as Monday, a user expressed his opinion regarding the

"limited" box set's unit increase, moving up now from 3,000 units to


"Unfortunately the edition is not limited to

3,000 units as initially stated. Rhino has decided to increase it up to

4,000 due to unexpected demand. And so what? This is simply unacceptable

and not fair. That´s why I have decided to cancel the order as the

former conditions have been modified."

All is not lost, however. It seems that Rhino has picked up on the rising levels of unrest among some fans and has made a small step in the direction by throwing in heaps of extras to the pile. One of these extras is a never-released press documentary. Spanning the length of 17 minutes, it displays a brief synopsis of the band's discography, music videos, and history. While this does seem to be a cool feature for the boxed set, it is also publicly available from Rhino's official Youtube page. We are curious to see if they will make early releases for any of the other special features.

Watch Morrissey and the other lads in their full flower-twirling glory here:

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Ryan Burk