Upcoming: John Mayer and Owl City Bring Muscle to Cruzan Amphitheatre

​Love him or abhor him, John Mayer as an interview subject makes for a good read. His detailed masturbation stories, dubbing Jessica Simpson "sexual napalm," and, of course, his Benetton heart/David Duke manhood conflicts in a recent Playboy interview ensured that plenty of folks who have never heard anything past "Your Body Is a Wonderland" are still gonna talk about the sleeve-tattooed crooner-guitarist for years to come.

South Florida fans of Mayer's most recent album, Battle Studies, can get a little closer to the "Heartbreak Warfare" soldier on Saturday, September 11, at Cruzan Amphitheatre.

Joining one of the funniest guys on

Twitter, and probably learning all sorts of disgusting lifestyle

choices, is Adam Young, better-known as syrupy synth-pop act Owl City

and best-known for those catchy songs ("Fireflies," "Vanilla Twilight") on the radio that sound a lot like

the Postal Service. Whether you attend to scream along with every song

or throw fruit, it should be quite a night. Train and the Avett Brothers

will join Mayer on earlier legs of the tour. See the full tour

itinerary here.

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