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UPDATED: Alligator Alley Will Finally Open Its Doors This Saturday

Updated Friday, May 13 at 2 p.m.: Alligator Alley will have its soft opening Saturday, May 14, as early as 4 p.m. but no later than 8 p.m., according to a new update from owner Carl Pacillo posted to his Facebook earlier today:

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE! I busted ass all day and night yesterday, went to Restaurant Depot, got a lot done, but ran out of gas around 2am. TOMORROW - SATURDAY IS IT! Brian J. Cline will be performing his original music and Sunday afternoon at 5 PM I'll be jamming with Kilmo & the Killers featuring Jimi Fiano and Ali Nassar. ALLIGATOR ALLEY - Native Florida Sub Pub & Tap Room. Craft brewed draft beers, dozens of bottled imports, gumbo, muffalettas, po boys, live original independent music and more! 830 E. Oakland Park Blvd. #101 33334.
P.S. Cash only until next week some time. (Sorry for the inconvenience.)
The bar/restaurant/music venue will be open Tuesdays through Sundays and is currently cash only. A talented musician in his own right, catch Pacillo in action this Sunday at 5 p.m., jamming as part of his band Kilmo and the Killers.

Last month, we celebrated the tentative return of South Florida's beloved neighborhood watering hole and live music gem, Alligator Alley. "This is a spot for the people and artists," bar owner and local musician Carl Pacillo (otherwise known by his Kilmo Doome moniker) told us during our catch-up. "Hopefully, I can make a living at it as well!"

Though he anticipated a soft opening for the new venue in mid-April, final renovations and licensing have delayed its official arrival — until now. Pacillo posted the following update to his Facebook page Thursday morning:

ALLIGATOR ALLEY UPDATE! All of the essential interior improvements have been completed. We're in the cleanup and interior decorations stage. That said we are ready to open for business with ongoing improvements on what appear to be days off...LOL. A soft opening with 15 craft brewed drafts, another 20 bottles of imports, gumbo, muffalettas, roast beef and other po boys will happen this weekend. ALLIGATOR ALLEY - Native Florida Sub Pub & Tap Room, 830 E. Oakland park Blvd. #101, will open possibly Friday but definitely by Saturday. There will be some live music too so all of you who've been clamoring to play send me a message now. Le Bon Temps Roulé!

Since Pacillo published the post 19 hours ago, it's been shared over 40 times and received nearly 230 likes. Comments from excited, in-the-know future patrons continue to stream in.

"It's a funky miracle . congrats," commenter Al Mallet said.

"Finally! Looking forward to dropping by this weekend!" said another commenter, Richard Brookens.

"Viva Kilmo Doome. Salute!! I'll roadtrip it anytime you need my harmonica. All the best to you my old friend," reads a comment from user Scott Piazza.

Facebook user Dydo Diem left a five-star rating on the new bar's unofficial Facebook page stub. "Not even open yet, and already worth 10 stars! Can't wait!" reads his review.

In our interview with Pacillo last month, the bar owner told us he's taking notes from past experiences and tightening up management to create a better overall experience for everyone. “I've learned you definitely can't make everyone happy, because everyone wants things their way. I have to have strong ethics, dealing with everyone fairly and being strong while not becoming inflexible.”

He describes his new bar as "a funky Florida shack with award-winning food and live music operating on thin margins.”

While we wait on nailing down weekend plans in the hopes of dropping in at the new spot, which will feature high ceilings, a large L-shaped bar at the front of the house, and 50 percent more space than its last incarnation, Pacillo advises us all to stayed tuned via Facebook. Check back here for updates as well.

Alligator Alley Native Florida Sub Pub & Tap Room
830 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Suite 101, Oakland Park. Visit
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