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UPDATED: Rebecca Black Not Coming to Dadeland Mall (Yet)

We we we so excited because right after we visit Chick-fil-A for some waffle fries in the food court, we can see the Princess of Awkward Phase Pop, Rebecca Black, at Miami's Dadeland Mall on Sunday, June 5. This is as part of her 2011 summer tour of malls. Several calls placed to the Dadeland Mall and its publicity wings sadly confirm that this date is not something on their calendar. Dammit! But this is not to say that Black won't ever come to South Florida.

What? Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays? Dammit! What the hell, Chick-fil-A? You know what, we're just gonna take a page from the Book of Black and have a bowl, that's right, have cereal. We'll go to the Cereal Bowl in South Miami and just wait for our friends by the bus stop.

Cereal Bowl closed down? No! Dammit! Sunday sucks. Black is so on point

about Friday. Fridays are so good, it's like you still have to work or

go to school, but everyone is looking forward to the weekend weekend.

Friday (the day) is a lot like "Friday" (the song); pure, untarnished

and full of hope for what lies ahead.

We just put "Friday" on blast again, and everything feels so much better now. All right, we've accepted the bad news, her show is not on Friday but there 11 Fridays until her show. That is a lot of partyin' partyin', what?

God, we so excited about this. Here's what we gonna do the week of her show: as far as Mondays through Wednesdays are concerned, fuck those days. We don't even see them, they are just like three papers on a 365-day calendar that we will throw the fuck away. Thursday will be a mere afterthought because once it is Friday, we will be like "yesterday, was Thursday, Thursday."

All of a sudden, before we know it: it will be Friday! Did we mention that we we we so excited? That Friday we will really have something to look forward to! When we go to a random party on a side street somewhere, where all of our friends are just hanging outside of their cars with their high beams on. We will just know, we won't even have to say it, this Friday is the best.

Sure, tomorrow is Saturday and we we we still excited, but Sunday is next! Do you know what happens on Sunday, besides coming afterwards? Rebecca Black is gonna be LIVE at Dadeland! Actually, she is not, and the flyer below is not to be believed.

Oh my shit, hopefully Pato is there, too! You know, the 40-something-year-old guy that looks like older/fatter Usher and raps about following school buses. Damn if we we we so excited now, imagine how we we we so excited we will be when Pato drops his sick verse on her jam.

Cannot wait for that Friday so that we cannot wait for that Sunday!

Rebecca Black. Sunday, June 5. Dadeland Mall, 7535 Dadeland Mall, Miami. Click here. Nope.

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