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UPDATED: The Dewars Brothers are Hosting a Pool (No Keg) Party in Wellington on Saturday, Checklist (With Gate Code!) Posted

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8577 Estate Drive South, where the Dewars are hosting the best keg pool party Wellington has ever seen
​Many thanks to our amigo Alex Rendon for pointing out to us the many selling points of local folk-rockers the Dewars' house party being held at their Wellington home (8577 Estate Drive South) tomorrow.

Most obviously, this is an ambitious bill of performers: naturally the Dewars, plus MillionYoung, Swan Spells, Sweet Bronco's Chris Horgan, Healthy Animal, Shit Ton of Funk, the Clementines, Guy Harvey, Nerve City, Hear Hums, Luna Rex, Sum Sun, Totem Pole, Lindsey Mills, Mike Harvey, and more will entertain between the hours of 12:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

Beyond that, statements in the invite like "you are encouraged to swim and carpool !!!!!! parking is limited. be

nice to the neighbors" tell us that if the guys can pull this off, and avoid trampling the flower beds next door, this could be the sleeper event of the season. Wellington Police might feel differently about it, though.

Updated: Anthony Dewar has added a checklist for the day, which we have reprinted with exclamations intact.

Hey all! Thanks for RSVPing for the Dewars Summer -musical-birthday-

dancing- Pool Party-fiasco. Just a quick checklist on how to make the

most of the fun and festivities ...


like swimming in your jeans and/or black leather skins, you might want

to seriously consider bringing pool-wear.


During the day, that Great Ball of Fire will be doing its thing pretty

intensely, so other than the liquid solution (which is provided), you

will want to bring your own shade.


only is it the green thing to do, but the fewer cars here, the better

in terms of neighbors staying cool - so try to carpool. Also, park on

the south side of the street-and at the lake lot if you please!

GATECODE: i know we all hate the gate but the code is.......*2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats..... star 2009!!!!!!!!!!

FOOD/DRINKS:there shall be some snacks but feel free to bring whatever your hearts please......

BEING:be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wooooooooooooohoooooooooo come early if you can !!!!!!!!!!! if you have questions you can message me ............seeeee yaaaaaaa
Bonus, Steve Rullman is extending the party with another show at

Propaganda in Lake Worth later that evening at 10 p.m., doors at 8 p.m. The Clementines, Goolsby, Half Undressed, and Dear Amelia will perform for what will likely be a pretty smelly,

woozy, but satisfied crowd.

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