Valentine's Day Party for the Broken Hearts, at Buck15 Sunday

​Let's face it: Valentine's Day sucks, no matter what your sitch. If you're in a relationship, it sucks. After all, who wants to spend a night at a jam-packed "romantic" restaurant where, the already crappy service is going to deteriorate exponentially due to the Hallmark-driven frenzy, while some asshole forces you to buy roses your date doesn't want to carry? Yet if you're single come V-Day, it seems to suck just as much. Why else would you invariably end up getting tanked at the nearest watering hole, in hopes that someone else is lonely enough to go home with you? It's not like getting laid on Valentine's is any better than on any other day.

Heading to Buck15 won't appease your loneliness, and it won't guarantee you'll be getting any. But their Broken Hearts Night party will at least offer some far better options for the source of your rejection than you're likely to find elsewhere. And the fact that Radioboxer will be kicking out the alternative jammy jams most definitely sweetens the pot. It's an 80's party, so don your neon colors and your spandex, your chunky jewelry and your Members Only jackets. And accept rejection like you did back then--by drinking far too much peach schnapps and vomiting in the gutter on your way home.

Radioboxer performs at Buck15 on Sunday, February 14 with The Albany. Live art by Kazilla. Cover is $3, drink specials all night.

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