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Valentine's EDM Lowdown

Valentine's doesn't come around on a Saturday very often, making this year's an ideal reason for EDM lovers to consummate their love on a dancefloor somewhere (as if we needed an excuse on Saturday nights anyways.)

Here's a lowdown of some choice shows happening around town that night, which should please both big club and underground dance connoisseurs:

Konrad Black at Glass

highly-praised Berlin-based techno producer/DJ/impresario will be

performing at Glass at the Forge on the first leg of his debut 2009 US

tour. He boasts a distinguished minimal sound with lots of deliciously

dark atmosphere to revel in. Not to be missed!

Danny Tenaglia at Gryphon

man who needs no introduction... The legendary DJ will be hosting

Gryphon nightclub's "Valentine's Day Extravaganza" and doubtlessly

spinning up a storm on the dancefloor as he usually does.

Funkagenda at Space

all the trappings of international stardom, this jet-setting

DJ/producer manages to defy most commercial cliches with a fairly

sophisticated and versatile big room sound. Check him out on

Valentine's night for first ever appearance at the quintessential Miami


Punisher Afterhours at Eden Terrace Garden

a music scene dominated by dudes and run-of-the-mill DJ sets, Michelle

Herrmann a.k.a. Punisher is a femme force to be reckoned with. This

petite Detroit-based techno producer throws down a truly punishing live

PA via drum machines and analog synths. Mind-blowing stuff -- and

pretty damn sexy! This is also the grand opening of the new Eden

Terrace Garden in North Miami, which promises to provide the same

clubbing-under-the-stars experience as Space and Nocturnal, sans the



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