Vampire Weekend is Just Catchy Enough

Here's a fun video from the group Vampire Weekend that's sure to stick in your head or at least make you tap your feet.

The group is out of New York if you can't already tell by their clanky style of up-top indie rock and they've got a sound that somehow puts a smile on my face. Maybe they'll have the same effect on you. Their self-titled new album is in stores today and chances are they're going to blow the fuck up all year long as people start to pay attention. Get ready for it.

They're also playing Langerado Music Festival on March 7th which is creeping up fast.

That's a weekend local music lovers definitely need to get ready for as well. If you don't have your ticket yet, hurry up and get it. The line-up is ridiculous and knowing that Vampire Weekend is on the bill just makes even more excited than I was five minutes ago.

-Jonathan Cunningham

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