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Vampiros en La Habana...La Pequena Habana, That Is!

​Well, it's that special time of year kiddies, when real kiddies get to go door to door yelling "trick or treat!" and collecting candy, most of which their grandmothers will warn, "esta envenenado" ("it's poisoned"). Meanwhile, grownup kiddies get to dress like strippers and dipshits (I managed both at once two years ago with "guy out of the shower", donning only a towel and shower cap) and get drunk while reveling and celebrating the birth of Candy Corn. It's all good wholesome fun, truly. And if you don't believe me, then why did they make an awesome Peanut's special for it?

Giving you one more reason to love it while simultaneously providing a damned good place for drunken revelry and celebration of the birth of Candy Corn, Spam Allstars and Hoy Como Ayer. This Halloween, come party in true Miami style down on la Calle Ocho at Vampiros en La Habana, named for a Cuban animated film. Fanged cubaneo, yeah! As you already know, Spam, quite simply, are the kings of Afro-Caribbean Latin funk hybrid descarga in Miami and abroad. And Hoy Como Ayer is offering ladies in free and two-for-one boozers 'til 11 p.m.

So do it up. Don your loincloth or your way-short Judy Jetson garb. And save me a tiny Snickers, if you nab one. I friggin' love those things!

Spam Allstars perform at Hoy Como Ayer (2212 SW 8th Street) on Saturday, October 31. Doors open at 9 p.m.

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Christopher Lopez

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