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Vanilla Ice in's TripYourFace Campaign

South Florida resident Vanilla Ice has a major role in a new web promotion called, which surprisingly has nothing to do with the Ultra Music Festival. Rapping a track that could very well be called "Hotel," he sips bubbly in a lavish Las Vegas scene straight from a Hype Williams music video, with vixens and flashing lights galore.

This promo, created by, allows people to put faces of themselves and friends right into the debauchery on the screen by connecting their Facebook account. In addition to Robert Van Winkle, South Florida transplant Dennis Rodman figures into another one of the spots in Paris.

The New York Times

notes that is more sophisticated than OfficeMax's Elf

Yourself campaign, but that, "the videos lack the verisimilitude of,

say, the special effects that

substituted the face of Natalie Portman for that of a professional

ballerina in some dancing sequences in The Black Swan."

Regardless, Vanilla has promoted the venture incessantly via his Twitter account, and apparently this song is a legit piece of art from his upcoming record.

Alright here it is ! The new video is a free glimps of a upcoming song on my new record WTF ! But that's not all??? than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

And here's what all this fuss is about:

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