Vanilla Ice In Talks for New Reality Show Before Current Reality Show Even Debuts

Before the first episode of his current reality show, The Vanilla Ice Project, has even hit the air, Wellington resident Rob Van Winkle -- known to the world as Vanilla Ice -- has met with television programing executives to discuss the possibility of a spin-off show of sorts with a potential title along the lines of "Vanilla Ice Jumps the World."

The idea was hatched not long after last month's stunt involving Rob driving a Cadillac through a ball of fire and into a lake. That stunt was part of his current show. Scheduled to debut on the DIY Network in October, The Vanilla Ice Project combines scenes of Rob flipping ("pimping out," he says, "like Pimp My Ride-style") a gutted mansion in Wellington, scenes of him performing and touring, and scenes of him performing Jackass-esque stunts like the car jump, which he planned for almost a year.

In the proposed new show, the cameras would follow Rob on a world tour to Europe, Africa, and all over North America, as he promotes his latest album. On the days he isn't performing, Rob would jump things. He'll ride motorcycles and jet skis and drive cars over all sorts of monuments and notable global attractions.

He says he can't be specific on which ones at this point, but he can rule some out. "Can't jump over Stonehendge, man," he says. "I went there back in the day and they won't even let you near. It's sacred to them. They treat it like an ancient cemetery."

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Michael J. Mooney