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Vanilla Ice Launches Real Estate Website

"Back in the '90s, my album became the fastest-selling hip-hop record of all time... and it still is," boasts Rob Van Winkle. We don't even have to tell you that Van Winkle is Vanilla Ice, you live in South Florida, this is part of fourth-grade Florida history. So, the man known for the "still-fastest-selling-album-record-of-all-time" has taken it upon himself to show the average bro how to sell homes and make money fast.

To quote the Iceman, "She had me hot as a skillet taken from a flame,

And my admission was free for me to ride on this train." Wait! Wrong quote, ahem: "After my record-breaking hip-hop album, I got rich all over again in real estate." This has been going on for more than 15 years now, but it wasn't until a reality show on DIY, The Vanilla Ice Project, became a hit that the whole world learned he can "pimp out properties and get paid."

So if you and your boys are sitting around with all these houses you bought -- but no one to sell to -- just go to his new Vanilla Ice Real Estate website and learn from the master. We do believe he is a master salesman. For no good reason at all, we bought his movie Cool as Ice when it came out on tape. Maybe it was so we could see the scene where he talks about "making sex" with the kid's older sister.

Now, we forgive Vanilla for pretending to be from South Florida. We don't blame him -- he settled in down here and bought a fancy-ass home on Star Island, complete with Extreme Sports Jet-Skis, motocross bikes, and a yin-yang on the front gate.

And he sold that home for $14.9 million.

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