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Brendan Grubb is mostly known around these parts as the one-man noise act Wicked Dream Foundation, AKA DJ iregrettoinformyouyouhavetwomonthstolive. And now, with his startup label Junque Music, Grubb has a new role to play in promoting South Florida's no-wave, art-wave, noise, glitch, drone, IDM, and other assorted outsider-genre projects. This compilation, simply titled JMDJ 001, is the first in a series available for download at Junque's website ( and includes tracks from Grubb as well as from his frequent co-conspirators, the Goslings, Hydroplane, and the Cruel Sea.

Grubb has assembled a formidable array of offbeat, mostly electronic musicians in a grouping that defies easy categorization; the only ties that bind this 25-track disc are geographical. WDF starts the album off with an IDM number called "Birthday," a dizzying yet gentle trip through uptempo beats constructed of click-clacking drum sounds interspersed with almost-melodic tonal arrays. The disc then wends its way to Mid-Air's practically danceable melodies on "Lipstick." SoFla's resident drone semi-stars, the Goslings, make an appearance with the psych-influenced, darkly compelling dirge "Flowerpot."

If you prefer direct melodies sitting on top of easily recognizable beat patterns, then steer clear of this release. But if you want to clear the cobwebs out of your musical mind and see what South Florida's other side has been up to, do yourself a favor — it's free.

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D. Sirianni