Video: B.O. and Gunline Entertainment's "Tear My Ass" Gets a Dunk Ryder Single Deal

B.O. and Gunline Entertainment rep Richmond Heights, Peerrine, South Dade, goon muzik, and tearin' ya ass. Here's what Big O had to say about his song "Tear My Ass," after the jump.

Crossfade: So, I gotta ask you. What does "tear my ass" mean?

B.O.: It's like stuntin', like a different way of sayin' stuntin'. Let's say you got bills to pay and you go spend your money on a dice game, or gamble it all away, that's tearin' ya ass. Ya feel me?

Crossfade: How'd you come up with the song?

B.O.: I don't know, once I heard the beat that's what the beat sound like it was sayin' to me. I just go off what the beat say.

Crossfade: What else is going on with Gunline Ent.?

B.O.: I just got this new deal with Dunk Ryder Records, got the single deal, they finna do a video for "Tear My Ass." So, see, now I get show money, and go on like a real lil' Florida tour, Alabama and Georgia.

I probably can't take the whole group. Probably take me and Day Day, and my manager AJ.

My manager AJ he be handlin', like, makin' a lot of moves for me.

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Jacob Katel