Urkel winked at us!
Urkel winked at us!

Video: Cee Lo Makes Steve Urkel Sing "Cry Baby"

Not a huge surprise if Cee Lo Green was like all the rest of us watching Family Matters through much of the '90s. Still, it's a bit of a shock that grown-ass Steve Urkel (Jaleel White to probably one of his aunts) turns up to sing the retro soul jam "Cry Baby" for him in this new clip. Not for nothing, but this song was one of The Lady Killer's sleeper moments -- until now.

After sitting on a stoop and breaking it off with a gal who looks a lot like Laura Winslow, White launches into an elaborate dancing flirtation in the street that's as Technicolorful as anything that made it onto The Corny Collins Show in Hairspray. Although he's been doing pretty well with his post-Urkel career -- voice of Sonic the Hedgehog, what? -- this will likely get White on a few more casting directors' short lists.

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