Video: Cee Lo's "It's OK" Could Kill Karaoke

Major labels of late have rush-released promotional videos to lock up YouTube advertising dollars -- and these have generally featured songs we like. See recent smashes by Cee Lo, My Chemical Romance, and Pink. Now the man born Thomas DeCarlo Callaway has returned with another single from The Lady Killer, which drops next week, with its lyrics playfully unfolding onscreen in "It's OK."

Even more so than "Fuck You," this song is primped and prepped for the Lite-FM radio buzzards to swoop down and devour every bit of flesh off of a song until it's too darn ubiquitous. Now, for those of us who don't visit the dentist, drugstores, or supermarkets -- no biggie.

But, an unforeseen consequence of this new trend in music videos could kill the sweeping, low-budget montages that dance across the screens at karaoke bars across the nation. Yeah, you know the ones.

If our eyes become to accustomed to the technical wizardry associated with words slickly dancing across the screens in clips like "It's Ok" (below), the temptation to just sit at home and "watch the PC" instead of publicly slurping chūhais and getting in spats with disgruntled businessmen over who can sing "Fire and Rain" better. Just a thought.

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