Video: Cheap Girls' "Ft. Lauderdale" Never Hits the Beach

Lansing, Michigan's Cheap Girls sure live up to their name when it comes to music video budgets. We kid, that pig mask wasn't cheap! Even if the lyrics are the most vivid part of "Ft. Lauderdale," it still has all of its power-pop elements as sweetly condensed as vintage Sugar or the Lemonheads.

The song sets itself in South Florida, and provides an aspirational tale of young, creative types stuck providing services for the rich. Sample line: "I wanna be an artist/ right now I'm a waitress in Fort Lauderdale." We assume that calling the track "Ann Arbor" or "Grand Rapids" wouldn't have hammered the point home quite as well.

Check out more of Cheap Girls' crunchy, jangly anthems from their recent album, My Roaring 20s, at their MySpace. [Alternative Press]  


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