TRON: Legacy">
"I can almost reach... the fans."
"I can almost reach... the fans."

Video: Daft Punk's "Derezzed" From TRON: Legacy

Ever since Daft Punk was linked with soundtracking the reboot of the TRON franchise, the anticipation has been a bit like standing in an ever-lengthening line outside a nightclub. Everyone says it's dynamite inside, but no one has actually been there. Well, the doorman (who looks a lot like Peter Weller) reluctantly gave us a look around the atrium that lasts just under three minutes -- with about two of them actually being music.

After so many, many fakeouts, this is definitely Daft Punk, and the footage of two cyborg-type humans jousting in a video game that might be as deadly as Stay Alive, but more slim-fit, and compelling. Decide for yourself if this is the new Kraftwerk below. The game has indeed changed.


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