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Video: Danger U.S. - "Immigrant American"

The great immigration debate is not new to us in South Florida. We've been dealing with bizarre "wet foot, dry foot" policies, Mariels, Eliáns, Haitian yachts, Eurotrash, and every shade of "non-American" between white and black. Now Arizona's feelin' it. But immigration's not a topic for discussion here in County Grind! Hell nah! We worry about music here!

Here's not so much a video but rather a photographic montage of the Danger U.S. punks set to the tune of their single "Immigrant American." Raw, fast punk rock with leanings toward political thought in the vein of classic hardcore bands like Anti-Cimex, Jihad, Destroy, the Varukers, and Balthasar Gerards Kommando.

Composed of Nestor on vocals, Joe Koontz on guitar, Shawn Perkins on guitar, George on bass, and Charles on drums, Danger U.S. is steadily gigging around the tricounty area and should have an EP dropping soon. Politics aside, this is good, beer-soaked hardcore punk I find myself necessitating more and more the older and balder I get.

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Abel Folgar