This is not Dan Bejar.
This is not Dan Bejar.

Video: Destroyer's "Kaputt" Could be Poking Fun at You

Already apparent that Destroyer's new album Kaputt is a stylistic piece of subversion. Having listened in a legal fashion, I can confirm its release later this month should be marked with many long-time fans of the Vancouver band calling for frontman Dan Bejar's curly tressed head. For this listener, the move away from wispy glam and folk is welcome and one of the most satisfying albums of his career. Here is a collection of disco-jazz cuts that cut deeper than any Burt Bacharach composition without losing the overall glisten.

Because it's Bejar, lines like "chasing cocaine through the back rooms of the world all night," should be taken in the proper ridiculous context. Proof would be the video's lip-syncing protagonist, a pimply, vintage-clad boy living out a fantasy in which his own lack of personal hygiene does not affect his ability to pull hordes of lasses eager to hand him a tissue when he sneezes, and he can blow up a balloon underwater. It's weird, druggy stuff that probably makes infinite sense in the right setting.


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