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Video: Guy Harvey's "The Rope" Is Mostly Safe for Work

County Grind Exclusive: Lake Worth indie-rock outfit Guy Harvey finds itself in the middle of one of the beachiest music videos ever concocted -- without ever setting foot on the sand. Backdrops of the ocean and lots of dizzying camerawork give it the feel of being strapped to an outboard motor or just a decent bottle of rum. Blink and you'll miss the naked guy just barely covering his junk. Set to the robust strums of "The Rope," a call-and-response dandy of a jam, this clip's ready to keep the perma-summer festive here in Florida and to kick out the cobwebs anywhere else.  
County Grind attended one stage of its filming back in June at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach. The shoot proved to be an opportunity to meet with director Carlos Charlie Perez, ask him a bit about the process behind the video, and later do an in-depth feature about the South Florida native's setup in New York. Devour the fruits of Guy Harvey and Perez's labor below.

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