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Video: Janka Nabay's "Ah Mufan" Directed by South Florida Native Carlos Charlie Perez

Janka Nabay, who is from Sierra Leone and now lives in Philadelphia, recently hooked up with Carlos Charlie Perez, a music video director with South Florida roots (more on him here). The results of their collaboration is the "Ah Mufan" video, a follow-up single to Nabay's Bubu King EP, which was released earlier this year via True Panther.

The song itself is a warm ray of afrobeat sunshine, and doesn't follow the same frantic pace or possess the lo-fi synths of Nabya's traditional bubu tunes showcased on his EP. Although his song "Eh Congo" references JFK (much like the art to the right), "Ah Mufan" finds our singer airing out his rich baritone leisurely. Forgive the Vampire Weekend comparisons, but this is the type of stuff they're pulling from.

The video places Nabay in a white suit, a comfortable chair, and places a microphone in his hand that isn't plugged into anything. No gimmicks, but just a portrait of a man who can carry his material with subdued showmanship after exhibiting a more flamboyant presence in the "Eh Congo" clip.

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