Video: Jason Handelsman, "Po Po Cannibal" featuring Rick Ross

New Times contributor, music author, and Prunk TV mastermind Jason Handelsman has taken multimedia to a new level of depravity. Check out his site for all his latest new-media work.

Here's what he had to say on his blog about this video. "The song was recorded in December of 2005, when I was still doing the Ghost of Dirty thing. At the time, I had been in and out of jail a couple of times, and I had to have the anti-cop song. Its kinda catchy, kinda stupid, it is a piece of my past. The video is me hanging out with Miami's Bawse, Rick Ross at various intervals. He is a cool person, a good rapper, and he has also re-invented himself. Big deal, he worked as a prison guard back in the day. He is a hustler, and I am trying to learn... how to hustle that is.... Enjoy the video."


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