Video: Kanye West's "Runaway" Is 34:32 Long -- Be Warned

That's a lot of Twix bars. Although Kanye West's suite of music and visuals from his upcoming My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is entirely safe for work (unlike his supposed "banned" album artwork for the project) -- as long as your boss is cool with you streaming video for over half an hour. Will it be worth your time? That depends.

"Runaway" all looks expensive. And artistic. And somewhat masturbatory. There's never a moment that doesn't fit into Kanye's adjective-filled fantasy. While some of us will take more from the plentiful shots of deer in the scenic forests of the Czech Republic, these stylized settings sometimes lose their luster after you've been staring at them for several minutes. Exceptions: Selita Ebanks as a winged creature with well-placed feather pasties, an enormous and pale Michael Jackson head, lots of fireworks, a sheep.

At about 13:50 or so, the actual "Runaway" section begins. During a banquet in an old airplane hangar (everyone knows what these are like), he walks over to the white upright piano in a gratuitously long shot. The plinks begin, and dancers in black tutus run in. This is the best song and the most "music video-ish" moment of the affair. And with its long-ass coda, it's a good nine minutes of it. Impressive, but it doesn't top his collaboration with Spike Jonze. We'll know in the future that all of his serious work features him wearing a white tux, though. [via]

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