Video: Lil Daggers' Twisted "King Corpse"

A lot of people have been saying a lot of

things about Lil Daggers. From Berlin to Nylon to right

here, we all agree --  there's

something special about these scummy Miami kids. They're not full-on lo-fi garage

revival; it's not total punk rock; the Daggers just are what they are. With songs both catchy and

creepy, Johnny Saraiva's vocals sound like his

name should be Jaime Morrison while the music is dark, looming, and doused with

just the right amount of bad acid.  

Here's the latest video, for "King Corpse." The single came out

late last year on vinyl via Boca's Livid

Records. Update: the band has cut ties with the label. The video is beautifully shot -- it looks like it was mainly

filmed on the 14th Street corridor in Miami between Eve, Bar Black, and

the Vagabond. Those alleys, rarely explored during daylight hours, look extra grimy when the sun is out. It's

almost hard to tell this where hipsters go to black out.


directed by Matthew Prickett,

and the Daggers barely make an appearance in the video. We won't ruin the surprise,

but there are a couple of twists in the clip. Let's just say we saw the first

one coming and felt a little vindicated when we saw the second twist.

Here's to hoping they team up with Prickett when they make a video for "Pair of Lives" off of their new LP.

Lil Daggers - 'King Corpse' from Matthew Prickett on Vimeo.

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