Video: Miss FD's "Love Magick," Just in Time For Tonight's Fort Lauderdale Zombie Walk

Local darkwave vixen Miss FD has shown impeccable timing by releasing her newest ghoulish concoction, "Love Magick," just in time for Fort Lauderdale's ghastly zombie walk this evening. Keeping her tradition of releasing frighteningly frisky tracks during the eve of goblins and ghouls, our latex-loving vamp delivers with her newest single and video for "Love Magick."

Tearing a page from Michael Jackson's booty-shaking undead oeuvre "Thriller," Miss FD comes a little more lo-fi with her dancing zombies. But unlike MJ, Miss FD doesn't want to lead the macabre sleepwalkers. Instead, she defends her tightly-wound corset-wearing self by firing 8-bit hearts at the attacking spooks. It's all very kitschy and tongue-in-cheek. Check the video, if you dare, after the jump.

The track itself would work perfectly on any goth night dance floor with its industrial drum machine whomp that propels Miss FD frolicsome voice. The fiery-haired singer though breaks it down Peter Murphy-style near the end of the track where she reaches into the depths of her vocal register converting the tune into an appropriate funeral dirge near the end.

"Love Magick" is available as a digital release from Amazon.com, iTunes, and other digital music outlets.


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