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Video: Nicki Minaj and John Waters "Creep" Together on SNL

No shocker that Nicki Minaj would be a Hairspray fan -- especially if you caught her sassy "Bride of Blackenstein" skit on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. But actually witnessing Darling Nicki and the undeniably smarmy director John Waters both clowning in a new Lonely Island joint called "The Creep" caught this portion of the world happily off-guard.

Inspired by Waters' greased hair and perhaps slightly by the Ministry of Silly Walks, Andy Samberg and his cohorts outline the basic steps to embrace the social reject within -- "knees flexing and arms T-Rexing," basically. For Minaj's verse, it's a bit of reverse Porky's shower scene glory with the rapper as a bespectacled, pervy peeping Thomasina with a necrophiliac streak. Let's hear you come up with a better rhyme for "locker room" than "stalker room."

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