Video: Otto von Schirach Live at Studio A

In case you missed Otto von Schirach's awesome performance last week at Studio A, now you can at least check it out in shaky video. (And in case you missed the Miami New Times' recent article on Otto, click here.)

The other acts were Juan Montoya of Torche and Chris Maggio of Coliseum in an opening instrumental, improvised set, and the illustrious Melt Banana, of Japan. In short, one of the most awesome lineups ever -- especially for a Monday night.

Although this only captures Otto in his first nerdlike getup (he later changed into a sort of black Superman type outfit), it sort of sums up the mood of the ensuing set: chaos, in the best way. Check the random creepy barnyard noises, pukey-burpy accents, thudding Rotterdam-style bass, and the gaping-mouthed, alternately confused, terrified, and entranced audience.

Introducing the song (the surefire crowd-pleaser "Teabagging the Dead") is Miami's Notorious Nastie, who with Otto produces those occasional, fake-blood-drenched zombie-theme parties, as well as a host of other infamous shows and events. (He also now has his own weekly local-theme radio show on WVUM 90.5, Thursdays from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.) -- Arielle Castillo

Otto Von [email protected](11/19/07) Part 1

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