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Video: Panic Bomber's Spooky "Visit From the Grave"

On his latest track, "Visit From the Grave," Miami's Panic Bomber has created an exquisite balance of danceability and dread. A little slower and a little less aggressively brassy than his earlier work, this is a midtempo, creepy house cut built on a percolating bass line that crescendoes slowly. 

Minor-key synths drive everything forward and demand hip movement, but it's really Madam Asuka's vocals that give the cut its character. "I feel my senses drop away," she intones repeatedly before the vocals drift off as though they've disappeared into a mist. 

As the lead single from his upcoming Domestic Violins EP, due out July 5 on YYZ Records, it's also the first to get the video treatment. Haig planned the concept and then tightened things up with director Stian Roenning. As part of the extended Overthrow creative family, Roenning's no stranger to the darker sides of creative expression, and the almost four-minute clip finds Haig himself being pursued by some nameless beast.

Lit only by a single strop, Haig hoofs it through deserted downtown streets and then through the titular graveyard before finally disappearing from view. Did he escape or get caught? Was it a monster or just one of downtown Miami's scary crack zombies? Who knows, but yes, we've got goose bumps. Check out the video and download the track below.

Download: Panic Bomber - "Visit From the Grave"

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